Introducing the Sweetest Ones of Them All

Christine Shulman
Wearing “mom’s little helper apron” as a young girl, Christine started baking as soon as she could hold a whisk. As she grew, her talents grew as well; always delighting family and friends with her creations. Christine fostered her passion for baking at El Centro College of Baking, then apprenticed at the Four Seasons Resort in Dallas.
Today, Christine is pursuing her dreams creating sweets with you in mind. Her custom cakes, cookies, and confections- always baked from scratch, are simply delicious and beautiful. Christine understands that it’s what sweet that makes memories special!


Amy Pittman-Heglund
Born and raised in Chicago, Amy has been baking in 5 star resturants and hotels for over 20 years. As an award winning chef, Amy chose pastries as a specialty and has loved baking a decorating cakes for all special occasions! Whether you are a bride, groom, celebrity, or birthday guy/gal- Amy has the perfect cake for your special occasion!
Meet Amy!